AMPG Radiation Oncology

Established to meet the medical needs of communities in south and southwestern Chicagoland, we are an independent, free-standing radiation oncology facility, ideally designed, staffed and equipped to provide a full range of treatment for benign and malignant tumors. More than 300 patients are treated each year at our new 10,000 square foot facility, located just north of I-80 on LaGrange Road in Tinley Park, Illinois. Our medical staff also treats more than 1,000 patients a year at several hospitals in the community.
WaitingRoom of the Alpha Med Physician's Group Radiation Oncology Department

Our Mission

  • Providing patients with individually tailored treatment plans, ensuring the highest level of comprehensive, quality care, delivered with a personal touch.
  • Establishing and maintaining cooperative relationships with other physicians and facilities, coordinating the most effective treatment plan for each of our patients.
  • Pursuing our continued medical education, enhancing our knowledge and practice of new trends and techniques within the field of oncology.
  • Enabling out patients to benefit from the latest technology by continually upgrading our capabilities to provide state-of-the-art services.
Interior view of a radiation oncology room in a hospital

Our Expertise

In our comprehensive approach to outpatient care, AMPG Radiation Oncologists guide the work of an experienced treatment team that includes:

  • An administrator with a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration;
  • A physicist, Board Certified to monitor and assure the quality of equipment and procedures;
  • A dosimetrist, certified to ensure that an individual course of treatment prescribed by the physician is optimally designed and precisely delivered;
  • Radiation therapists registered to administer treatment;
  • A registered nurse to monitor the patient’s well-being, to provide guidance and counseling on dietary and general health issues, and to facilitate access to other related services;
  • An administrative support and billing staff, experienced in all aspects of office operations, including the coordination of coverage by Medicare, group and independent insurance plans, and managed care organizations.