For Physicians Referring to Alpha Med Physicians Group in the Chicago, IL Area

Our referring physicians are the foundation of patient care at Alpha Med Physicians Group. You have developed a relationship with your patient — sometimes over many years — that is invaluable to our treatment efforts. And we’re dedicated to maintaining your involvement in your patient’s health throughout his or her time with Alpha Med.

Rapid communication — in whatever mode suits your preference — benefits your patients’ outcomes.

We’re happy to work with whatever communication method you prefer: email, phone or otherwise. Also, we’re glad to provide regular updates on your patient’s status throughout their consultation, planning and treatment process. Finally, all of our communication will be prompt — after all, this is cancer care. There’s no time for leisure.

After your patient has completed treatment, we’ll transition them back to you for any necessary follow-up care.

Caring for your patients with techniques and technology from the forefront of modern oncology.

Just like you, we’re completely committed to providing the best possible care to patients. And by referring to Alpha Med Physicians Group, you’re choosing first-rate care for your patient, as well as the lower cost and greater convenience associated with non-hospital-based cancer care.

Let us help you help your patient. Please call 708-342-1900 for more information. We’re happy to answer your questions.