Cancers Treated at Alpha Med Physicians Group’s Tinley Park, Homewood, and Palos Heights Locations

What is cancer?

Cancer is the name given to a group of diseases that are characterized by the growth and spread of abnormal cells. These cancer cells are distinguished by their disordered reproduction, which tends to lead to accumulation into abnormal masses, called tumors. In some cases, tumors can be benign, meaning that they don’t invade nearby tissues or spread to other areas of the body. (They can, however, exert pressure on vital structures, like nerves or blood vessels).

But tumors can also be malignant, which we know as cancer. Cancer cells are inherently dangerous. They can divide uncontrollably, penetrating and destroying the tissue where they originate and spreading throughout the body to places where they can form new tumors. This can wreak havoc on the body, eventually resulting in death. According to the American Cancer Society, cancer claims the lives of about 1,600 Americans each day.

Types of cancer.

There are many types of cancer cells, which — along with other factors — affects the appropriateness and effectiveness of treatment. Generally, cancers are named for the part of the body from which they originate, even if they spread to other areas. The object of cancer treatment is to prevent cancer from destroying vital tissues as well as to prevent it from spreading throughout the body to cause further damage.

At Alpha Med Physicians Group, we understand cancer. More importantly, we fight it with today’s most effective treatments, including methods that target cancer based on its type.

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