Clinical Trials: Providing Greater Chicago New Hope Against Cancer

At Alpha Med Physicians Group, we are committed to helping you win your fight against cancer. This means that, in addition to providing the most advanced treatments and adhering to the highest standards and most advanced protocols, we’re also dedicated to helping you get access to tomorrow’s treatments today through available clinical trials.

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are research studies designed to investigate new medical therapies. These studies are the mechanism by which all medical treatments are evaluated for approval. This means that the new therapies of tomorrow must first be evaluated through clinical trials… and that the first people to benefit from new therapies are those who were enrolled in the clinical trials.

The purpose of a clinical trial investigation of cancer medicines is to scientifically evaluate their safety, identify their associated risks and benefits, and assess their effectiveness in treating the disease. The governing premise of clinical trials is patient safety, with all phases of the process being governed by rigid rules and guidelines as well as by Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) that monitor studies and patients’ safety.

Why consider enrolling in a cancer clinical trial?

Like the field of medicine itself, cancer treatment is constantly evolving, changing and advancing. New methods and medications are always in development, helping to provide cancer patients and their loved ones with hope for improvement, a higher quality of life and ultimately greater longevity. For cancer patients who are not seeing positive results from existing treatments, enrolling in a clinical trial provides access to the promising new therapies of tomorrow.

Alpha Med: Flexible, independent and dedicated to doing what’s best for you.

As compassionate, community-based cancer specialists dedicated to providing personalized, appropriate and effective care, we participate in and stay up-to-date with what’s going on in clinical trials of new cancer medicines. We conduct our own clinical trials, serving as principal investigators in studies that help push cancer research further toward a cure. In addition, we zealously follow and stay current with other clinical trials going on both locally and nationally.

Also, we offer you or your loved one access to a wide variety of studies. Because we are independent and not part of a specific healthcare system, we are not under any obligation to refer our patients to specific institutions. We are free — and feel a sense of duty — to look for appropriate, promising clinical trials wherever they can be found. With your best interests always as our top priority, we actively follow a trials being conducted in the metropolitan Chicago area and beyond. In many cases, our independence means we offer greater flexibility with regard to clinical trials than other cancer-treatment providers.

Genetic testing helps ensure you get referred to the right clinical trial.

If existing treatments are not effective in the treatment of your cancer, our goal is to find and help you enroll in the study that holds the most promise for success. One way we do this is through genetic testing, which increases our ability to match you or your loved one with the clinical trial that’s most likely to benefit you. Simply put, genetic testing provides us more complete information in order to refer you to the trial most likely to work best for you.

Trust experience, commitment and independence.

As experienced cancer specialists providing state-of-the-art care, Alpha Med Physicians Group’s oncologists are able to treat the vast majority of patients following the highest medical standards. This is the same care you’d find at many large cancer centers. But we also provide the dedication and compassion of local physicians… and the flexibility and capabilities to get you into the right clinical trial when other treatments aren’t providing the desired results.

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