National Cancer Survivors Day (Sunday, June 4th): Celebrating Your Strength

When a person is diagnosed with cancer they must endure rigorous, sometimes painful, cancer treatments. For those who become cancer survivors, often it’s not until afterward that they realize how much strength and courage it took to get there. Today, the experienced oncologists at Alpha Med Physicians Group celebrate all of our incredibly strong, inspiring cancer survivors.

Cancer and you

No one wants to be diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly your life takes a dramatic turn and you can barely remember things that you thought were important before your diagnosis. Now, your main focus is survival. You feel like you aren’t in control of your life and are instead consumed by scans, tests, more tests and treatments. You only have two choices: Stay positive and channel all your strength and focus on surviving, or feel helpless and angry.

At Alpha Med Physicians Group, we counsel our patients and help them understand the importance of maintaining a positive state of mind as they begin treatment. To help achieve that, we strive to manage all of the logistics of your cancer treatment – from financial support to community support resources, so you can focus on you.

Cancer and personal development

Surviving cancer often has a profound effect on people both mentally and physically. The number one thing we hear from our patients is how important it is to stay positive throughout the journey. If you can stay positive and maintain a healthy self-image, it can make all the difference in beating cancer. Of course, we also understand feelings of anger, sadness and depression, but find that if a person is able to have more good days than bad, the rigors of treatment are more easily managed.

Cancer and the power of strength

Every day that we lose friends and loved ones to cancer, cancer survivors are lucky enough to share their stories with the world. If the prognosis is good, the more determined a person is to remain positive and survive cancer, the easier it is for their bodies to fight the disease. We encourage our survivors to get involved and help cancer patients by talking with them about their own experience and how strength of mind and body kept them going.

If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with cancer and would like to learn more about how our board-certified oncology team at Alpha Med Physicians Group can help you, call 708-342-1900 to get started.