How to Support Your Loved Ones During Cancer Treatment

First, the diagnosis: Discovering a loved one has cancer can be shocking and upsetting for everyone. Then, the battle begins: Oncology appointments, preparing for treatment, enduring physical and emotional hurdles and more.

Cancer is a test for the person receiving treatment and for his or her family, friends and caregivers. Together, you could be in for a long and difficult journey. So how can you, as a family member or friend, offer cancer treatment support to your loved one in treatment, other family members and yourself?

The first step is to learn, and keep learning. The more you know about cancer, the more prepared you’ll be to support your loved one, and you.

Support during cancer treatment: Emotional challenges

Providing emotional support to a loved one can be draining. He or she could be on an emotional rollercoaster each day, feeling despair, sadness, guilt and anger.

For many people, support groups make all the difference in managing the emotional side of cancer treatment. Some groups meet in person; others can be accessed online. Both can offer those undergoing cancer treatment, or the family members and friends supporting them, a secure and welcoming space in which to share information and support each other.

Want to support your loved ones during cancer treatments? Take care of you!

Always “being there” can take a toll on you and eventually, compromise your ability to be a source of support for your loved one. Which is why it’s so essential to stay healthy and focused. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Become a cancer “expert” – Learn everything you can about the type of cancer your loved one has. You can find accredited information online to stay current on the latest treatment options and know what questions to ask the oncologist.
  • Lean on friends and other family members – Ask for help! You don’t have to run every errand or wash every dish. Also, check to see if your cancer care team or hospital offers services like transportation assistance or home nursing.
  • Make time for you – Be mindful of your well-being by eating right, getting sleep, exercising and talking to someone about the stress you’re feeling. Supporting your physical and mental health isn’t selfish; it’s the best way to stay strong for your loved one.

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