Cancer Surgery in the Tinley Park, Homewood, and Palos Heights, IL Area

Removing cancerous tissue through surgery is a common and often important component of cancer care. While Alpha Med Physicians Group doesn’t have cancer surgeons on staff, we maintain a network of the top surgeons in the Chicago area. If you need surgery, we’ll stop at nothing to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Cancer surgery takes a variety of forms. We’ll connect you with the surgeons who’ve mastered the care you need.

There are many different reasons for performing surgery. Depending on the type, location and stage of your cancer, your surgeon may recommend one or more of the following procedure types:

  • Prevention – Preventative surgery removes precancerous or other at-risk tissue before it actually develops into cancer. For example, by removing intestinal polyps during a colonoscopy.
  • Diagnosis – Commonly known as biopsies, removing suspicious cells and examining them under a microscope is often the only way to diagnose cancer.
  • Staging – Determining how much cancer you have and how far it has spread is a necessary step when designing your treatment plan. Sometimes surgery is necessary to accomplish this.
  • Curative – When cancer hasn’t spread to other parts of your body, it’s possible to remove all malignant cells, effectively curing you of cancer. This type of surgery is often performed together with chemotherapy or radiation therapy (before or after your procedure).
  • Debulking – When full removal of your cancer would cause unsafe damage to nearby tissue, surgeons can remove part of the tumor. Then, we treat the remaining cancer cells with radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Palliative – When cancer has advanced beyond a certain point, surgery can be helpful with relieving discomfort without intending to treat or cure.
  • Supportive – Supportive surgery helps us perform other cancer treatments with greater comfort. For example, we can insert a device under the skin that gives your oncologist easy access to your bloodstream instead of piercing the skin every time.
  • Restorative – Sometimes, beating cancer can leave a person’s appearance affected. Fortunately, surgeons can perform restorative procedures that return you to normal and allow you to move on from cancer.

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