Targeted Therapy for Cancer in Tinley Park, Homewood, and Palos Heights, IL

While technically a subset of chemotherapy, targeted therapies work in a more focused way. Cancer is rapid, out-of-control cell division, so traditional chemotherapy fights cancer by targeting this “cell feature.” Unfortunately, this means chemotherapy also affects healthy cells that divide rapidly. While traditional chemotherapy is effective and remains the most common treatment for cancer, targeted therapy offers additional benefit by interfering with a cancer cell’s ability to grow and spread.

Beating your cancer with a wide variety of targeted therapies.

“Targeted therapy” is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of different treatment mechanisms. Detailed below are some of the main categories.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Speaking generally, a monoclonal antibody is a type of protein that’s only able to attach to a specific substance. In the instance of cancer care, we design monoclonal antibodies to attach to a specific receptor on the outside of cancer cells. This allows us to precisely interact with your cancer and perform functions such as:

  • Directly inhibiting cancer cells
  • Transporting cancer-fighting drugs and radioactive material to your cancer cells
  • Improving the effectiveness of other cancer therapies

Small-Molecule Drugs

Unlike large monoclonal antibodies, small-molecule drugs are able to pass through cancer cell membranes and interfere with the cell’s internal processes. For example, small-molecule drugs can impede protein and blood vessel development. This deprives your cancer cells of the nutrients they need for reproduction and growth.


We can harness the power of your own immune system to fight cancer using a couple different methods:

  1. “Marking” cancer cells as targets for your immune system
  2. Boosting the immune system itself to help it fight your cancer

Hormone Therapy

Certain cancers, such as breast cancer, require hormones to sustain themselves. By preventing your body from producing these hormones, or by stopping your cancer from using them, we can interfere with your cancer’s development.

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