Additional Cancer Care Services at Alpha Med Physicians Group

In our quest to provide the highest standards of cancer care along with the utmost in personalized, compassionate treatment, we offer a number of additional services beyond just therapies for cancer, including:

Genetic Risk Assessment

We offer access to genetic assessments of your risk for cancer, because genetics and genomics both play key roles in health and disease. A person’s health is influenced by his/her family history and shared environmental factors. Cancer-risk assessment counselors use tools to identify a person’s risk for developing certain types of cancer. These risk assessments estimate the chances that a gene mutation is responsible for causing particular cancers in a family. Understanding more about diseases using genetics can lead to earlier diagnoses, interventions, and targeted treatments.

Pharmacy Dispensation

Alpha Med Physicians Group’s medical oncology offices are equipped to dispense common oral and injectable medications through our pharmacy dispensing program. We also stock many hard-to-find medications not routinely stocked by other pharmacies. Receiving your prescriptions during your office visit maximizes your convenience and minimizes the burden on you and your family. We also make your life easier by verifying insurance coverage, copay amounts and any required authorizations. In addition, our experienced staff is knowledgeable about the many patient-assistance foundations and programs available should you have trouble affording your prescriptions. Please ask your Alpha Med physician or our nursing staff if you’re interested in taking advantage of our convenient pharmacy service.

Laboratory Services

Each Alpha Med Physicians Group office has laboratory capabilities to draw specimens onsite for testing at our Tinley site. For many tests, results are available within minutes of your blood being drawn. If you are currently under the care of multiple physicians, we can provide our results to your doctors, eliminating duplicate testing and excessive out-of-pocket expenses. Our lab meets all the criteria for Laboratory Accreditation by COLA, a national healthcare accrediting organization. Accreditation is given only to laboratories that apply rigid standards of quality in day-to-day operations, demonstrate continued accuracy in the performance of proficiency testing, and pass a rigorous on-site laboratory survey.

Hydration Therapy

Dehydration is a common and potentially serious problem among patients undergoing cancer treatment. If you experience dehydration — or even if you just suspect it — call us right away (708-342-1900). Dehydration is a common reason why cancer patients unexpectedly need to be hospitalized, and we’re dedicated to reducing that likelihood. We’ll work to accommodate your hydration needs so that you can feel better and stay out of the hospital.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging modalities like positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) are vitally important to diagnosing, staging and monitoring cancer. Others, like MRI and X-ray can also play an important role in understanding the effects of cancer and the effectiveness of your treatment. We’ll refer you or your loved one to leading local medical-imaging providers to ensure that your tests are conducted accurately and interpreted thoroughly and correctly. Imaging is also central to planning radiation therapy treatment as well as to ensuring the accuracy of the delivery of radiotherapy treatments.

Prescription Renewals

For prescription renewals to the pharmacy of your choice, please contact us between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday, when a physician is readily available. Simply ask your pharmacist to fax the renewal request to 708-429-3175 (Tinley Park office).

Symptom Management

Throughout your (or your loved one’s) treatment, we assist you and your family with the management of symptoms. Please contact us as soon as symptoms develop so we can help you manage them and avoid a trip to the hospital.

Home Health

Should you require additional assistance with your care at home, our nursing staff can refer you to an appropriate agency to help take care of your home-based needs. Skilled nursing visits, home health aides, special equipment needs, oxygen, caregiver assistance as well as dietary and physical/occupational therapy referrals are all available to you.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 708-342-1900. You can also request an appointment using the easy online form on this page.