Radiosurgery in the Tinley Park, Homewood, and Palos Heights, IL Area

Nothing like surgery, radiosurgery is an innovative way of delivering precise, high-doses of radiation to your tumor while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. The procedure is completely noninvasive, extremely effective and easier on you compared to some other therapies.

Radiosurgery’s extreme precision and accuracy make your cancer treatment experience easier.

Radiosurgery is commonly used to treat small solid-mass tumors, such as those found in the lungs, prostate and brain. Using image guidance, and with advanced tumor-tracking accuracy (<1mm), radiosurgery targets your tumor with a high-dose radiation beam to destroy it. Also, radiosurgery is “stereotactic,” which means it administers multiple beams of radiation from dozens of slightly different angles. This minimizes exposure of your healthy tissue to radiation.

In addition to high levels of precision, radiosurgery uses advanced robotics to account for movement in real-time. For example, lung tumors move up and down as you breathe — so in order to continuously focus radiation on your tumor, the radiosurgery machine must move as well.

Almost no side effects, a shorter treatment cycle and little to no interruption to your life.

Because radiosurgery uses higher doses of radiation than traditional external-beam radiation therapy, treatment cycles are much shorter — generally 5 or fewer days, as opposed to 40+ days of travel and treatment. Radiosurgery sessions occur daily and each treatment takes under an hour.

Even better, because radiosurgery minimizes radiation exposure to healthy tissues, side effects are minimal — generally just tiredness. Patients often go about their normal lives, including working and driving, during their treatment period. In fact, because the radiation beam is so precise and conforms to the exact shape of the your tumor, most people don’t even know they’re being treated.

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