Personal Wellness at Alpha Med Physicians Group in the Chicago, IL Area

While it’s not uncommon to feel powerless during your cancer treatment, this is an illusion. Personal upkeep and wellness are significant components of your overall care strategy. By maintaining excellent health and hygiene during your cancer treatment, you’re not only staying connected to your life outside of cancer, you’re putting your best foot forward — mentally and physically.

Key health strategies to implement during your cancer treatment.

  • Rest – At times, sleeping may feel like the only thing you’re able to do. But it’s important to make sure that when you’re sleeping, your sleep is of high quality. Eliminating distractions and taking care of your errands or chores beforehand can relieve your mind of its burdens. Also, investing in blackout curtains, covering light sources and downloading a white-noise app can help improve your sleep.
  • Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty of fluids is always important, but especially so when you’re fighting cancer. Drink before you’re thirsty and maintain your salt intake to help your body maintain fluids.
  • Eat a healthy, varied diet – Right now, your body needs all its systems optimized. Eating a varied diet with lots of fruits and (especially) vegetables will help ensure you’re getting the nutrients your body requires. Although at times it may be difficult to eat, try your best to maintain consistent food intake. Eating many smaller meals can help overcome a lack of hunger or nausea.
  • Exercise if you can – Our bodies need physical activity to stay healthy. If your treatment allows it, try to keep a consistent exercise schedule. Even a daily walk is better than nothing.
  • Take inventory of what brings you joy – A positive attitude will help you handle stress. Write down a list of the things in your life that give you fulfillment and try to maximize your time spent doing those activities.
  • Proper skincare – Cancer treatment can dry out your skin and increase your sensitivity to the sun’s UV rays. Try to avoid long showers, moisturize after washing, and wear sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 every time you go outside. Covering your body with clothing and a hat also works well to prevent sunburn.
  • Maintain your support group – While the emotional turmoil of cancer treatment can sometimes push people into isolation, it’s important that you have regular contact with close friends and family. A strong support group will help you handle the ups and downs of your journey.

Following these strategies will help enhance your feelings of normalcy and give your body what it needs to beat your cancer.

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